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Propel ™ biocomposite....World Class Biomaterial Technologies

Propel ™ is a cellulose fiber dispersed into a thermoplastic matrix at load levels suitable for compounding, injection molding and extrusion applications.  

The products come in masterbatch and finished compound forms and are made from commercially available virgin resin and a sustainable supply of West Fraser cellulose fiber.  

The masterbatch can be used directly with PP, PVC and HDPE. Aimed at compounders, the masterbatch can be let down to 20-40% in a compounded form, making it an outstanding value proposition

Propel ™… just some of the benefits

Propel ™ provides customers with sustainable product attributes with a low carbon footprint, and is a recyclable and sustainable resource.  The Propel masterbatch technology is not only competitively priced, it is the highest filled cellulose fiber composite in the market at 85% cellulose.  

This patent-pending  Masterbatch is attractive to major compounders since it lowers their compounding costs, can drastically reduce cycle times, therefore increases outputs and also disperses extremely well in their compounding process

  • Excellent physical properties
  • Light-weighting potential 
  • Compatible with PP, PVC and HDPE
  • Water resistance
  • Reduced molding machine energy
  • Quicker cycle times
  • Sustainable cellulosic content
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Outstanding Value Proposition

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